Thursday, November 6, 2008

Timepass, an Essay

Lot of people in this world will say, this is an English world. But guess what? It is not. Surprising?

Some of the people who are very particular about grammar correctness will say, this is an English phrase. Which if correct, would be written as "Time Pass". But no I think, this is also not correct. With whatever little interactions I have had with English speaking people and whatever books I have read till today. I have never seen this phrase getting used in practice. What I have seen is, most of the people of English speaking nations would not understand this term, when we (Indians) use this practice. It takes them a while to realize what we are trying to communicate.

With all the above facts, I started getting really wonderfully confused in life about what is the origin of this term. This is where I stopped thinking about the origin. As I realized I am not a linguist and I need to put in huge amount of research effort to understand. Which as any logical lazy being, I rejected the urge to understand.

Because of all the above thoughts, I have more or less decided that this term is purely "Indian".

Friends, if you are wondering what is this guy up to? Do not worry, this is not an essay about how we Indians use Engligh our own way (I don't give a damn actually). This is not even an essay about understanding words and using it. This is an humble effort by me, to define the term Timepass and to understand the importance of this word in this Universe.

To delve into this subject, I have chosen the below conversation which is typically used by people

Person X: What are you doing?
Person Y: TimePass

God knows what people mean by this :-( , but as I started to thinking more on what people might mean when they use this. the below thoughts came to my mind,

1) It is an alternative to usage "Nothing of considerable importance"
2) There is some activity named "Timepass" which Person Y, is in the act of performing.
3) It is used as an alternative to usage "Something, I do not want to tell you"

probably there are more, but my interest lies with the Item 2. I think the absolute definition of the term is hidden within this phrase. Remember, my essay is about understanding the meaning of word, rather than what people mean by it and how people use it. This essay is about how people are supposed to use Timepass.

Let me try to dig deep into and try understand "act of performing Timepass".


my mind goes blank here.


Pretty difficult and deep subject I guess.

Since it is pretty obvious that, "Timepass" is formed by "Time" and "Pass", which are English words. I decided to play around with these words to arrive at the actual meaning of Timepass.

1) Passing of Time (as in throwing and passing it to friend.. Phew.. pretty weird!!! Rejected)
2) Passing on Time (as in riding on Time... hmmm.. doesn't make sense. Rejected)
3) Passing Time (As in overtaking time.. Rejected)
4) Passing with Time ( as in moving with Time, (Living Life!!!) )

STOP!!! This is it! To flare it up a bit, I can see the "Sun" formation behind my head, stars twinkling round the sun. etc..etc.. You are free to imagine :-) Pretty philosophical thought!! In the middle of the day, that too in office, of all the places under the sun. Hmmm...

"Act of performing Timepass" means "Act of living life".

In other words, Timepass encompasses all the activities people perform. For you techie guys, this means, Timepass is the super base class of all the activities in this universe.

Is there any practical significance to this? Have I gone mad? A term of Timepass can it have a relationship to profoundly philosophical term called "Living Life"? Do people not understand this yet?

I believe answer to all the questions is YES. (People do not worry, answer to second question is also yes, if you have not realized till now. I can't help you more. You also belong to my category!!!)

Any doubts, questions, comments regarding the definition. Feel free to write it to me, You will have your answers.

I think I owe you people a reason on why I chose this subject to write on. The reason and the story goes like this

One of my friends, calls me from a far off nation and says, "I have understood the secret of life". Important thing to note is, this friend of mine was under deep influence of philosophical chemicals (you know what!!!) working in his body. Most of the people in this world, would have had an heart attack hearing this I think. But Not Me!!! Do not worry, nothing great in me. It is just that I know how my friend can act under chemical influence. Anyways the conversation goes like below

chemical mind: Life is Timepass
Me: Hmmm.. how did you realise..
Chemical mind: Life is a Timepass
Me: Hmm... can you explain more please..
Chemical mind: Life is a Timepass. We are born in this world. We do Timepass. We die. That is all is that is there for life.

This profound thoughts of chemical mind, triggered the whole thought process I have written in this essay. I am happy that, I could reach the same "conclusion" as the chemical mind. So for you all confused folks over there, I hope, I have given a definition of "Timepass" to help your souls rest in peace.

For the people who got confused more by reading all this crap I have written. Learn to LIVE LIFE guys!!!!

-- Madhukar Hebbar


VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

In Indian Context Timepass is used as 'KaalaharaNa'. You like it or not time will pass. But how you perceive it, depends on your state of mind. If you are reading you think spent time meaningfully. Equivalent term used in west is 'killing the time'...

Good essay buddy...Other have to catch up with you now... race is on!!!

Madhukar Hebbar said...

what I mean is "Timepass" itself is a Indian term.... you can call it kannada also... Nobody else use this.. I have seen Aussies/americans/english get confused.

Time pass would mean "Kala Kali" I guess.. which agaian mean "Live Life" :-)

Kala Harana will translate to "Time Waste".. which is obvious.. which is equivalent to "Kill Time"

Girish said...

makes a good read.Well Written. "Yella Maye". It is what you think it is.

Prasad said...

Intellectual Masturbation, Impressive

Ananda Teertha said...

ok maga eno ondu nin helidey seri.
i just lived four minutes of my life reading this.

iam now talking in ur language.
by the way who is chem mind

Ananda Teertha said...

ok maga eno ondu nin helidey seri.
i just lived four minutes of my life reading this.

iam now talking in ur language.
by the way who is chem mind

Gulmohar said...

Colloquially, I think, timepass is meant as what you've said already "Doing nothing of considerable importance"...

But nice articulation Hebbav!

On a lighter note, what will happen to your theorem if we apply the law "time is money"?!

Madhukar Hebbar said...

Ane, seedha hogi maathu kotta haage vodiddeyella :-) Good Good :-) adhu yaaru antha bariyoodhu bera guru.. sikkidaaga helteeni...

Time is Money - Idara bagge nu analysis maadi.. vonderadu pagu bari bahudu annisutte ;-) he he :-)

anyways thanks for all your thoughts and comments...

Keshava said...

Good One, Maga. Very Down to earth. This article truly personifies your practical thinking. Great start!!

Anonymous said...

Good start to make timepass people (like me) to read this. I hope you are doing this only for timepass. - "Rajasthan Colors"