Saturday, November 29, 2008

Origin of katte – The journey of a tribe

Long long ago so long ago
When sharukh was still not a star
Nirma ,colgate, vicco vajradhanti were the only adds on TV
Lifebuoy was Indian National Soap.
Dwarka used to charge Rs.0.30 for extra chitney
Dolphin and Maruthi were high end cars……………………..

We guys used to meet in a park behind Bhandari Aspathrey to play markothi ata. All Nivedita school “B” section Guys probably 6th or 7th standard.
The members that time were
Idambu kumara
Nithin – nacha, most of the people never knew his name in 1st cross.
Kirana – katthey kirba and so on

It is this sport loving kids who are the originators of a tribe now called “Katte Boys”. This group continued to meet till they were in Nivedita School and dispersed during high school days as they went to diff schools.

Again this bunch of guys got united @ SKR. All these badmarsh guys were in the same batch except me who was a very sincere and studious guy, without any hard to digest ideas (in the company of pious guys like chik maheshi, srikara and Gokul in first batch @ 5.30 in the morning)

Nachas house was the one point of contact (no mobiles are gadi’s those days) and it was at this point of time hebbar became a member of gang and some old members got separated. It was during this time the tradition assembling in the world famous Kohinoor field started (ABC park) to play talemutso atha and hand tennis. When every body stopped coming (during 10th exams), it was only me and KSP who used to play tennis and later go for a walk and pani puri @ madheva.

It was after 10th when we got into our colleges we started playing cricket and other guys got introduced to the Kohinoor field. Guys like KR, vatsa, villi, nidhi, hemachandra, yogi, mani and others joined during this period.(villi was with Srom Team and mani with Kantha those days)

It was at this point of time, the now called katte had a lot of guys in its gang, including some guthalli and sunkenhalli super ಮ್ಯಾನ್'ಸ

This was the time when we guys got into habits like smoke and enne. Guys its because of these habits we started to sit on a katte in Kohinoor field and that’s how the name Katte Boys.

The katte again expanded when we got into professional courses. It was during this period, sripathy was the manger and controlled the happenings in Katte, he was called parang those days for his peculiar style of bowling.

The habit of going to dabas became more often and enne became the main menu of any treat, which earlier was a panipuri or bakery stuff.
This was the golden era of Katte, I have left some of the characters like S giri, chappaley, santhu , KSP, chottey and others as they were associated with kattey for a very short period of time. But for some events uniquely associated with them, I have to mention their names.

Some of the craziest things were tried, never to forget fights were seen, larger than Mtv fame Bakras were made (cyrus will feel shameful if he hears KR’s, S giri episode). Larger than life ideas were dreamt.
Any problem in the world have a solution, the slang lyrics were in fame, farting was a matter of honour.

The size of kattey and the activities started fading and glorious members went missing as they got into their jobs. At this point of time kattey was guarded by the tri murthis
K.dhara - KR.

Very rarely visited by me, mani, nacha and pathy. I got disengaged with kattey at this point of time due to constraints in my job.

I got associated with kattey again for a trip to Pondicherry, it was during this trip, “picturealli bear kudiyo” VSS got introduced (creater of the Blog).

When hebbav came back from Australia the trimurthis again started meeting in kattey and started the Friday night meeting. But this got some colour when group expanded by the addition of VSS, Sisya, Sadyo, very rarely me, atma and others.

Today the kattey has gone global and brought out the kavi’s in us. Personally I never taught our guys had so much talent to write. More shockingly our guys doesn’t look like

Let the kattey grow and and its members be remembered for what they are.
VSS is already making his son ready to be a Kattey boy. I am convinced this tribe will be alive in the coming generations to come.

Long live Kattey Boys.

Famous eat outs of kattey, their eating and drinking habits, tours of katte are to be told elaborately and in detail, hence not covered in this post.


Keshava said...

Sooper Start, Scienty - SLUM Aane. May be, 1 important event that brought this sort of a Bonding in KaTTe is our Trip to Mangalore in 1994 (Guys, this was the 1st time I met Aane and at the End of the trip, it was me and Aane who had jelled around and Enjoyed to the core. Aane has this uncanny knack of mingling with anybody and everybody). Nice Katte ishtyle article kaNLaa. Innodhashtu articles barlee:-)!!

Critic said...

Super reminder of how the katte originated. Those childhood memories of us getting together to form the katte will relish and cherish forever.

VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

super maga!!!

The best article to be published in this blog... straight from heart

Expect you to write more in same inimitable style...

Simply super!

Ananda Teertha said...

s guys as i have said my next post willo be about tours and famous eatouts of katte

Madhukar Hebbar said...

Ane mari zindabad... mate we are still "assayya nanna makkalu".. it doesn't look like doesn't matter :-)

Looks like you will write a book on katte :-) will be nice..

super maja

Madhukar Hebbar said...

mate, don't you think you mean dis-respect yo yourself by saying you were studious?

Ananda Teertha said...

i was studious, but later i felt iam sacrificing a lot of other things for a single cause and u know thw rest.

Madhukar Hebbar said...

wokay wokay sir... I came to know you after this period. didn;t miss much.

waiting for the next ones