Saturday, November 8, 2008

A lil background on Katte and members

namaskara, namaskara, namaskara..Naanu ivatu katte kathe baratha idini kandri..Odri, odi anandisiri..

I am Ex katte president. or rather Manager (as people like to call me).Probably from start of 1993 to 2000. Yeah!, 7 years. I was managing all the funds and arranged the logistics (tennis ball, bats, wickets etc). I had the distinction of never mismanaging the funds ! ;-). You wonder where the funds came from? We called it "Team fees”. This is the amount that all the katte members had to pay on a monthly basis to be part of katte. The monthly fee was 20 rupees.

Many people might be wondering, what did we do in katte? A more appropriate question would be "What did we not do in Katte"?

We played cricket, watches movies, eat together, sat together to discuss problems of the world, went to different places together etc etc.. We played cricket due to which the katte members grew. There were nearly 30 members at one time. That was the peak membership period of Katte and you can imagine being manager how efficiently I managed katte and its funds.

Lets talk more about cricket first..Ofcourse Katte had its own "Unique" rules for cricket...

1) Debar - Any bowler who bowls more than 4 wide balls per over will not be allowed to bowl in that entire match. Also another bowler has to start that over from start. The most debarred bowler is Nitin, who is no more part of Katte now ( his membership is revoked due to inactivity). Many controversies have erupted due to this rule in the past.

2) Backside no run - Any batsmen who hits the ball at the back of the stumps cannot claim any runs.

3) Boundary out - Any batsmen who hits the ball to the east or west of the pitch out of the ground is out. Since katte cricket ground was long anough and not wide enough, this rule made sense.

The other activities we did at Katte, we sat in the katte and discussed the problems of the world and did nothing about it. The predominant katte members are ,

1) Keshava (kr,devil, and now called as katte keshava raya) - His has the disctinction of bringing new ideas and new activites to katte. He has introduced so many "noble" activities that I cannot write in this blog. But he is still he champ. He still feels 23 yrs old young in mind..

2) Atmaram (Dr Aimaram, kacher, side arm bowler/thrower) - This member was away from katte and has rejoined only few months back. He is a good katte member.

3) Srivatsa (vatsa, srilml) - voluntarily retired from katte membership after marriage.

4) Sripathi - Nothing to say about myself. Still a promonent katte member..

5) Sridhara (vidura, jali, steve waugh, slow motion) - His membership has been revoked from katte due to inactivity. He was a good cricket player..

6) Nitin (nacha, succkk iitt) - The most controversial player of katte.

7) Yogi (devarmaney abhimanigale, hogi, hogesh) - He used to come to Katte in Ferrari. He supposedly called himself a fast bowler, but bowled slower than a spinner.

8) Madhukar hebbar (goodri, goobey, hebbar) - A prominent katte member and is continuing the same till today. A good bowler.

9) Ananda (ane mari, sondlu) - A good cricket player..has bowled more wide balls than normal..

10) Mani (mani) - He had a lot of stories to tell in katte.

To be continued..


VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

Good start Sripathi... keep it up.

You should start writing Adventurers of Katte boyz... It will be exciting...

Madhukar Hebbar said...

Sripathi.. super boss... yella gnapakkakke bartaa idhe... Egg rice, chitranna, wicket/bat figtitng, gaalige baara, noomige baara.. evarellara baage bari guru...

Actually article sakagalla. Book beku annisutte :-)

I think you were the guy who has the record of second highest debars??? correctaa???

Keshava said...

Anumaana ne illa, eraDanay sthaanadalli, Sthripathi ne irodhu. Pathi, Katte vathi indha, innoo 1du set, Bat / Ball / Wickets, nimma manay nalle irabeku, ansutthe:-)