Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Famous katte episodes ! katte katte katte (read it in the tune of muktha muktha muktha)

Famous Katte Episodes
1) Trouble at Dhaba
2) S G episode
3) Ane mari fights for Justice

Just like V Seetaram's Muktha Muktha, if I direct a serial called "Katte", probably will be a big hit. I am trying to bring back some old memories for katte members, some pleasant and funny and some unpleasant (but who cares now! it’s long gone)

Episode 1 - Trouble at Dhaba
It all started when the Katte gang went to Dhaba as team building activity (or to show universal brotherhood?). The idea behind the activity was that we all play together for couple hours and disperse to home. But we wanted to go together to some Dhaba, have "soft" drinks and eat some rotis together. One fine day, we left for Dhaba..Nearly 20 of us or perhaps even few more than 20 people. We had lot of "soft" drinks and finally landed in one dhaba at kanakapura road.
Everything was going fine and people were enjoying and suddenly galata started between some katte members and some other members of a different troupe who had come to Dhaba. Ofcourse katte members know how it started, and how it ended..But this incident made the katte members realize what type of members Katte had..An episode never to be forgotten..

Episode 2 - S G episode
We would rather not discuss this topic and cause any more embarassment to the Ex katte member. The prominent actors of this episode are S G, Ane mari and Kair. lol..I cant control laughter remembering this episode..

Episode 3 - Ane mari fights for Justice
Katte had 2 grounds..One a big ground where we improved our cricket, aspiring to get selected for Indian cricket team. The second was a small ground adjacent (you can call it practice ground) wherein kids used to play with dads. It so happened that for some reason we came back to practice mode and started playing boundary cricket rather than playing international cricket. We used to play in the small ground which I just explained above. Some padde hudugaru were playing some mischief all the time when we were playing. As we all know that ane mari is a cricketer who concentrates on the game completely. So he was getting distracted by the mischief done by padde gang. He immediately caught hold of some padde nan maga doing mischief and hit him left and right. Also he had the daring and audacity to continue to play and not run away fearing of any backlash of his actions of hitting a padde boy. Immediately some big padde boy was summoned by the mischief gang. He hit ananda to the blues. To be very honest only Ane mari could have taken those blows..if it was me or any other person, probably would have broken most of the bones. After taking the blows ane mari resolved all the issues with the other gang and made friends with them..See this is the speciality of Katte boys and special katte boy like ane mari..Hail Ane !

There are few more interesting episodes like,
One katte boy chasing another katte boy in Keshava's thread ceremony function, then a katte doctor listening to abusive words from other paddes in katte and last but not the least few more episodes which involve dosey making after having "soft" drinks are also there...

Rest in next..


VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

wish you had described the incidence in detail...especially episode 1 and 2

Madhukar Hebbar said...

I suggest you write the full story.. Morphing the names of the individuals. That will serve the purpose and give neccessary entertainment also

Critic said...

I didnt want to write the names explicitely so that ppl might get offended :)
Also a bit lazy to explain the complete details word by word..

Keshava said...

Man, gyaapisbeDvo, aa Episode 2 na, aa nanna Maga SG shaapa, nanna innoo kaaDthaa idhe:-(. But, Madhukar is right, free time nalli phull stories baree, Maga!!

Ananda Teertha said...

man yake nachikey, be open.
fre corrections.
1.I remember that bar/wine shop was tejasvini were we had soft drinks as mentioned by u. its inbetween talgetpura and eden huts.
2.SG episode itself can be one post, ur doing injustice for a gr8 act keshava
3. one thing u have forgotton, the fight i had was not for my cause. it was for the well being of kattey as they were troubling all of us and not just me, it had no selfish meens.
after that fight i was more enraged on u guys rather than that hitman, cause even if two guys had supported me, the story would have got a twist.
I remember nacha came a lil fwd but suddenly went back after seeing the guthalli boys. he came back again when i was negotiating for a treaty.