Thursday, November 20, 2008

Peanuts are better than...(short story)

One fine day Sisya approached Guruji with a professional problem. Sisya was the great IT professional, his work involved Java programming and all that great stuff. Yes! Google was his programming companion, like it is for most of silicon city programmers. That day he was upset and decided to get some eternal answers from Guruji for earthly problems.

Sisya asked Guru, 'Guruji, I am doing the most difficult job with all brilliance, I believe I am next to Bill Gates and Scott Adams, but I am being paid peanuts!!!'

Sisya has asked very important, highly ethical and moral question. Guruji looked in the direction of America and then in the direction of Japan, North and south. Threw his dices, calculated position of stars. Solved complicated equations of order 10.  Lot of labor. At last Guruji's faced brightened with enlightenment.

Then Guruji poured his wisdom on Sisya with great calmness, 

Sisya, peanuts are better than pink slips!'

Sisya lived happily ever after in silicon city!!!


Madhukar Hebbar said...

VSS, you are building IT terrorism by using words like pink slip ;-) you should be booked under PTASESLC - Prevention of Terrorism Against Software Engineer Shaanti life ..

Madhukar Hebbar said...

I guess, if I was the Guru.. my answer would have been "Bill Gates/Scott Adams never got paid. They paid people" :-)

something to ponder over...

VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

and also whenever there was downturn they laid people ;-)

Keshava said...

Nijaa Swamy, my Project is getting transitioned to a different Team. Hope, I don't have to be on bench, for a long Time. Peanuts koDthaaro, Pink Slip koDthaaro, kaadhu noDbeku:-(

VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

don't worry Keshav, however keep your CV updated :-) - Guruji