Friday, September 10, 2010

conversation with death - part 1

I was being followed! It was strange considering the fact that I am no millionaire or celebrity but just a ordinary man.

First I thought it was a hallucination. Whenever I looked for this strange man he would be around. Always, he was in black robe. His face was expressionless, no emotions whatsoever. He would just keep staring at me. Day and night, anywhere, everywhere he would follow me.

Like any educated person, I decided to consult a psychiatrist. Apart from advice on good life style, lecture on stress, lack of physical exercise/yoga and some sleep pill, I did not get much help.

This continued for some more time. I did consider getting help from astrologer, exorcist and modern yogis, but it was out of character for me to even to give a try.

One night I was alone at home. My family, wife and two kids, had travelled to my in-laws house to attend function. As usual I had to miss due to work and project deadlines.

I came home late & was pretty tired. Changed the dress and hit the bed. Slept like a rock. It was half past two, suddenly woke up for no reason. Then realised I had forgotten to switch off the lights. Got up from bed to turn off the light. He was there in the corner!

As usual dressed in black robe and that expressionless face. It sent a chill down the spine. In other occasions I would have hugged my wife and slept. This time it was different. In bright light he was sitting in the corner! I mustered all my courage, I decided to confront him.

In husky voice, with cold sweat running down the face, I asked him " Who are you? What do you want? Why you are following me?"

Again his face was expressionless. In simple & as-matter-of-the-fact style he replied "I am death. My job is to follow you"
( be continued)

- VidyaShankar Harapanahalli

Katte Wisdom

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