Saturday, November 15, 2008

Children's Day pictures from my son's school

Children's Day pictures from my son's school

Don't look at my Angel!

Indian Maharaja!

Wow What a weapon man!
Hope it is fuly loaded with chocolates!

Freedom at any cost! Militry man protests!!!

Dodda Namaskara... Military salute!
Don't stare at my moustache Please!


Gulmohar said...

Wow! This is nostalgic. I am surprised that these are still in practice in our globalized, digitised Bangalore "International" schools.

Gulmohar said...

Btw, am interested to know why you chose the military theme. Does your Son aspire to realize the fancy dress? or it was your idea? I may come up with a blog depending on your answer:-

VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

answer to your question is stranger than what you would be expecting :-) They say 'Truth is stranger than fiction' We were not very particular about what fancy dress we should put on my son... That military dress is rented one... when my wife went that shop... she had only two choices police or military dress... It has no special meaning or significance... Cool :-)

lakshmi said...

Hi Vidya,

Honestly speaking we have so many choices for Fancy Dress.

I had visited one of the showrooms in Gandhibazar and Malleshwarm , I was in confussion, which dress to pick up. We have so many collection starting from the National leaders to the National animal.

I had choosen Peacock (National Bird) for my daughter for her fancy dress compitation .

Keshava said...

Soooper Sir, nanna Dhatthu Puthraa; ee Military Dress nalli sakkath minchthaa idhaane. Really very Cute!!