Friday, February 11, 2011

Things I miss...

Just two weeks after moving to Toulouse, France I am missing India already!

Let me list out things miss I most, not necessarily in the same order:

1. Cows on the streets... Oh! those lovely holy cows :-)
2. Crowd crowd crowd!!!
3. Stress of the traffic! I have already withdrawal syndrome now
4. Katte boys and Friday Enne (ಎಣ್ಣೆ) session!
5. PVC Flex / Vinyl Hoardings of Sri Deve gowda, Yeddurappa, Kumarswamy!
6. Autos and those gentlemen who drive them
7. Birthday parties, Death anniversaries, endless family functions on weekend
8. Big and bull dozing BMTC buses on the streets
9. Chaats, Pani puries all those spicy snacks
10. Coffee, Tea and Kingfisher
11. Love of Pizzas, burgers, subway sandwiches... is cured now
12. Infosys bus (I missed it many times even when I was in India)
13. Rangolis at door steps...
14. Ferocious and yet friendly street dogs
15. and you!


Sharat said...

No country link India. It has everything you want. The beauty, the ugly, the good and the bad. I choose the way you want to look at India, you will become one.

Enjoy your stay in France.

Atmaram said...

Gulli cricket
Blazing horns