Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some soul searching!

Questions are very powerful tool known to mankind. Socrates used it to create consciousness, to provoke thoughts. After some centuries passed after him, people started acknowledging that questioning is important, especially for young pupils as it ignites their minds and increases quest for knowledge. Questions are important tools for continuous improvement.

So today we are in time, where loads of questions are floating around us. Relevant or irrelevant?! it is not important, but we see lot of questions. We question governments, parents, teachers, irresponsible public, celebrities, sport persons etc. There are forums to ask questions. There are lot TV programs to ask questions. There are separate sections in most of news papers to ask all type of questions; question related to technology, health, personal, Civic issue, international issues etc. But what is conveniently forgotten is questioning ourselves. Why? you might ask, why not!

In that quest, I asked myself few important, irritating, irrelevant questions. You are most welcome to add to this list:
  1. What would I do when I have nothing to do?
  2. Whom do I think of calling when I have no one to call?
  3. Whom do I trust when everyone distrust me?
  4. When I have everything in life what do I miss most?
  5. When I can be anything I wish, why do I am what I am today?
  6. :
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List can be endless but in end it is important that we spend some time questioning ourselves.


Dear Reader, Turn that quizzical look towards yourself :-)

Happy Questioning yourself!


vimal said...

Sir. I have tried to answer a few of the Soul Searching Questions..

1. Do nothing!
2. Call on self!
3. Trust in God!
4. Miss Having Nothing!
5. May be it's not the right time & day for it!

VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

Good try Bhandharkar. Thanks for attempting it. Its more for self analysis and improvement.