Saturday, June 12, 2010

Environment Day Special parable and pigeons

“These pigeons are dirtying the place…” my wife complained and continued “if you don’t do anything to counter them whole building will be spoiled.”

Pigeons have had made new home in vacant area of windows roof and tiles cover the windows roof. Our new lovely home’s outlook was getting spoiled by their droppings and nest building activities.

“Don’t worry… there are new mats available in market that makes it difficult for pigeon to sit on window’s roof. That will drive them away. This weekend I will address it” I assured her. She looked worried.


I was standing right in front of the huge pigeon which was almost size of a elephant. Majestically holding her head high, it said “I see that you are planning to drive away my clans from this place. Do you know that we are rightful owners of this place? Here are documents related to that". It showed bunch of documents in the form of feathers written in strange language.
To counter that I also presented my documents of site registration, building plan approval from BBMP and other documents.

We started arguing over the right of the land.

Nothing was conclusive as nobody was ready to give up the rights.
When things were not moving anywhere, environment was just getting heated up with arguments. Suddenly an Angel appeared before us and introduced herself as an Angel of ‘Peaceful coexistence’.

She said “I heard both of your arguments. I suggest you that both of you learn to live peacefully without threatening each other’s existence, for, this earth belongs to all. O Man! You cut down all trees and pigeons are forced to live here. Better you learn to maintain ecological balance and peaceful coexistence. Otherwise God will withdraw all facilities from earth. That would be the end of this beautiful world”


I woke up with startle. Was it just a dream? It looked so real. Yes! Issue is real. I must act before it is too late!

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