Sunday, January 31, 2010

Office Humor

It was a long weekend ahead.

Everybody in the office was going through motions mechanically, secretly rejoicing approaching long weekend. It was after long gap that national holiday had come.

Project Manager was planning to take his family out. He wanted it to be stress free. No calls from customer or from boss. He really looked forward for the break after a long gap.

Just to make sure everything is going fine and on track, he was talking to everyone and finding out status. Status was almost alright, almost! He had to talk to one last guy, who was on critical path. His work was important piece in ensuring completeness of work and delivery.

Developer always wore his attitude on his sleeves. Manager carefully started the conversation “Well…How are things going?”

“Well, I guess!” was prompt reply from developer.

“Will you be able to complete the task by 3 PM?” asked manager think of testing, release to production and adding his own buffer to it, professionally!

Developer shot up, wanting to go for coffee break and said “I will complete the task by the end of the day”.

Little annoyed by that answer, manager asked, “At what time your day will end?”

Developer was even more prompt in his reply “Whenever I complete this task!”

Dear reader,

What happened next? Is the question bothering you?

Both manager and developer spent their happy weekend in office.

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Prashant C said...

This isn't humor, this is tragedy :(