Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Live a dog's life.

A child and a puppy, gods amazing creation
To them, no worries, life is always a celebration!

Little do they know challenges lie ahead
Its survival of fittest, for weak there is no bread

As seasons fly by, puppy becomes a dog
Child becomes a man, that’s an analog

Character of a dog does not change as per breed
Characterless man develops anger, hate and greed

Dog serves his master with affection and loyalty
Senseless man develops only hate and cruelty

Mercy of god, dog dies a sooner death
Sinner man never does realize his sins till the last breath

As compared to dog, what did the man achieve?
Never did any good, but always did deceive

Be it dog or a man, death is pertinent
After all he has done, did death bring anyone content?

I say, living life like a dog is more worthwhile
Cause, nothing is gained and nothing is lost when one travels the last mile.


VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

Interesting analogy Sripathi!

Rhyming you have achieved is amazing!

reminded me of college day poem by GS Siddhalingaiah... where he narrated animals do not compromise on values but humans do

Raghu said...

hummm... nice lines...that is the real difference between a dog and man...