Friday, January 8, 2010

Good afternoon…

Good afternoon…

After a stupendous lunch served with love
Afternoon nap followed…
Awakened by a buzz in the backyard,
Excitement filled up to the brim of my heart,
Would join the buddies in golden sunshine
Playing games with no names and rules
No winner, No loser! All filled with giggles!!
That was an afternoon just filled with a joy….
What an afternoon! Oh Boy!!
So soon it would be dusk
In company of stars and moon,
Merrily planning next afternoon
With no care or a worry…
Living in the world of no hurry
Now a grown up man
Sitting in an air-conditioned office
Glancing across the window for sunshine
I yearn for those days…
Oh God! Give me some sunshine
- VidyaShankar Harapanahalli


Gulmohar said...

But please don't jump off!

VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

I want jump... from adulthood to childhood :)

I have made corrections and rewritten some parts... let me know what do you think...

Keshava said...

Good one, VSS. I'm really Missing those Good old Days, when we had Zero Responsibility but lots of Time for fun!!

Critic said...

yes, I miss our childhood days very badly.
Now, I see all those days through my daughter. Her childhood play makes me remember how beautiful our lives were as children.
very good preview of our childhood VSS..

Not only childhood, early adolescent days too.. Playing cricket/tennis all days, bunking classes, giving proxy, going to movies, playing games at KRK's home ;-) etc etc..and endless etc..

Shilpa said...

Nice poem... Really went back to those childhood days.

Atmaram said...

Good one VSS
Its been long but it is a real good one. I feel my high school and college days were real good, i miss them. Keep it going VSS