Friday, March 13, 2009

Short lived love story of Miss Sharadha - Part II

Part II Anticipation of love

 That night, Sharadha did not sleep well, she tried to comprehend and grasp what has happened that night. At one moment she was scared and in another she felt shy. She could not name her emotions. She feared how her parents would react once they come to know about it. She felt restless. She tried to recall that had she seen that man anywhere?  Who was he? Was he following her all these days, which she did not notice?

 He looked handsome and rich. Why didn’t he take softer route of proposing, flowers and all that, if he was in love with her or had romantic interest in her.

 Her small head was filled with lot of questions for which there was no definite answer. Early in the morning she fell asleep. She had strange dream of snakes winding her. She woke up couple of times with startle.

 She used to wake up late in morning as she came home late from her work. Next morning she woke up very late and her head was heavy. Her mother noticed that and asked Sharadha “What happened Shari you look dull today?” there was concern in her voice. Sharadha lied that she has a headache and was not feeling well.

 She decided not to go to work that day. She called her supervisor and informed that she will not be able to come to restaurant for she was not well.  She passed the day doing nothing of significance, watching TV and trying to sleep. The more she tried to forget the incident, it kept coming back. By evening it had been replayed thousand times in her small head.

 In the evening she along with her mother visited the nearby temple. This provided her little relief and she felt little better.

 Next day reluctantly she went to work. To her surprise, nobody asked her about the incident. By noon she felt confident that nobody knows about the incident except Mahesh. Silently she thanked Mahesh for not making scandal out of it.

 Mahesh gave her a warm smile when she met him, she could only return a weak smile. Both were clearly uncomfortable discussing the topic. That incident was, in a way, connecting them and separating them.

 Till evening she got busy with work. When she got 15 minutes break in the early evening, she was able to think more clearly. She went to the wash basin looked at her reflection in the mirror, she felt not bad about her looks.

 She had started believing that kissing incident may not be accident.  That stranger might have had some interest in her. She felt pity about him; she thought he might be in deep remorse by this time. If that stranger apologizes and conducts properly she thought she might forgive him. Just forgive him? She asked herself, she could not think further as she started blushing…

 Whole evening she was happily humming some song and gracefully doing her job.  When Mahesh asked her in the evening, does she need a drop on his bike, she slipped to the reality. Quickly she replied she will go on her own. Mahesh felt her behavior was a little odd.

 Glass walls of restaurant, neon bulbs and all the glitter of the posh area seem to infuse more joy to Sharadha’s existence. She felt world is beautiful. There was a jump in her walk.

That night she slept peacefully with lot of happy dreams.


As days passed, Sharadha lived more in her dreams than reality. She never wanted to come out of it. It seemed she had found a new meaning to existence, which was otherwise uneventful.  

 Sometimes she used to think, what would happen if that stranger comes back or accidentally she bumps into him? Sometimes she feared all the love, possibilities and grace would disappear. At the same time she used to feel all her feeling had no meaning or no base without that stranger. 

Her happiness and graceful behavior seemed to challenge Mahesh. More he tried to get close to Sharadha, more he felt distance that separated them.

 When everything seemed alright, one evening Sharadha spotted that stranger at entrance of the restaurant. She felt the sudden rush of adrenaline. Her heart skipped a beat. She did not know what to do. She rushed to kitchen. She heard stranger voice from the billing counter. He was enquiring about a waitress.

 [To be continued… Part III Substitute for the Love]


Madhukar Hebbar said...

Hmmm.. interesting... Waiting for more..

didn't she ever think he might be a psycho?

Atmaram said...

Good writing sir
hope ekta kapoor reads this blog
We will have Kahani Sharadha ki - choti si