Friday, May 14, 2010

Monsoon Thoughts: Drop 11

Drop 11 Waiting for the first rain

Summer excites me! It just excites me. Hotter it gets, double my excitement. Boils, sweat, hot and sleepless nights hardly bother me! It just prepares me perfectly for the first rain.

At the end of the summer of the summer, clouds just appear from nowhere, assemble in the sky like angels, in a perfect harmony starting showering all happiness from the heaven. The primal scent of the earth is just fascinating; it lifts my spirit to the greater heights. By dancing in the rain, sometimes just by watching the first rain my soul enters eternal bliss. Many times just anticipation of first rain brings such joy to my heart.

There were times when summer gets prolonged for years. Many people around me would start losing hope after a few weeks or so, some strong willed fellows after a month or two. But my excitement would never cease. I tried hard to convey all of them that ‘it will rain, it is a natural phenomenon, and it should rain’. Sometimes whole environment turns to be pathetic. My voice will be alone. People around me start suspecting my mental health and sanity. Forget the people even I myself, start wondering about my sanity. Deep inside my heart someone keeps telling me ‘Never lose hope, It will rain’. I just surrender to him, is there any other choice? The answer is a simple no.

After the first rain, people start calculating meticulously about the forth coming rain & the prosperity it is going to bring. All those calculations hardly catch my attention. Everyone starts praising me for not losing hope; some express their guilt for suspecting me. I just give them a simple smile and start wondering about forth coming summer and the excitement it is going to bring!

“All struggles in life are nothing but prolonged summer…!”
P.S: this was written on 14/July/2001. Good old days :-)

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Pasupathy said...

Finally I mustered courage to read your monsoon thoughts. All I can say is that the images are beautiful