Friday, May 21, 2010

Can I grow younger?

I was 18 and in college
I was sent to study and gain knowledge

My motto was "Live happily today", as wise man said
Rarely thought about future ahead
Playing and freaking was always in my head

There was this dream girl of mine
Her looks gave me pleasure of drinking grape wine
I never proposed her fearing she would decline

Watching movies, playing cards with friends
That was life ! happiness had no bounds
I never earned a rupee, but I was fully content

Now, in the hard days of life, I am lost
I cant get those old days at any cost
Cause no person can be rich enough to buy his past

Put me in the time machine, I wont complain
Or please give me a vaccine to become younger again
I really want to, but I cant explain

Dying to become younger, but nowhere to go
I should have been young, why did I grow?
How do I grow backwards, does anyone know?

The days gone by are like dreams so sweet
Can I ever complete tasks I left incomplete?
I wonder, did anyone of you catch my heartbeat?

1 comment:

VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

Good one Sripathi :-) Its should not be difficult to reverse the trend, I guess its all in mind