Thursday, April 8, 2010

Well Thought!

Ram, the successful PM in reputed MNC has a good reputation of handling and managing stake holders. I had opportunity to work with him closely and was impressed by the way he handled tough or negative stake holders.

Whenever some unreasonable demands were raised or silly comments were made. Ram would calmly reply “Sure Gentlemen! That’s well thought. I will evaluate and come back to you” then he would decline or reject there requests more methodically by meeting them privately at their office.

I was amazed by his coolness. Once I asked him “Ram, you almost always use that expression ‘well thought’ for really silly and unreasonable questions/demands. Any special reason behind that phrase?”

Ram smiled at me and said “Oh! That’s little secret between me & my mentor, well in ‘well thought’ means ‘frog in the well’… “

After that I got that expression into my system.

Disclaimer : Author is PMP certified and honorable member of PMI. Does not endorse any ideas or views that contradict PMI code of professional conduct and ethics

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