Monday, April 12, 2010

Rahul Dravid's IPL Diary

Rahul Dravid's IPL Diary
April 26 2010
Mumbai 12:14 AM

Last night was a big day! We played IPL final with Mumbai Indians. I should write down some thoughts in diary to relieve my self from the agony and shame.

We started well with Jack Kallis and Manish opening. We lost Manish in 4th over. As ball was swinging and there was bit of moisture in the surface, Anil and Jenny decided to send me at No. 3.

13.5 Zaheer was the bowler, ball pitched middle and off, moving away, I played cover drive, to my horror I edged it. Ball went through slips. Four runs. In front of Jack I felt ashamed. I met him in middle, looked at him apologetically. He patted me and said my front foot should have been 3 cms closer to ball.

14.3 Malinga to Jack. Pitched on off stump and moving away. Jack played perfect cover drive, straight from coaching book, it was beautifully executed. Yeah straight to fielder, No runs, but what a shot! What a class! Appreciated him in the strategic time out, he politely smiled. What a class! What a man! In cover drive first there is God then Jack Kallis. What a class act!

18.4 Zaheer was bowling his fourth and last over. We need more runs. Ball pitched on middle and leg and straightened. I knew it and had lot time to play my shot. Played leg glance. Mistimed it, ball hit back of the bat and run through slip corridor. Four Runs. Oh God whats happening! Today must be very bad for me! I was not able face Jack when I met him in the middle of the pitch. Weakly smiled at him, he sympathetically smiled and said with South African accent “Sometime it happens”. But I could see disbelief in his eyes. I thought I must be completely out of form L

After the match, I asked Jenny for net at 6:00 AM. He was little hesitant. After second request he agreed. Still I could see Jenny was little puzzled. Jack readily agreed to bowl in nets.

After couple of net sessions I should be alright. Still I feel very bad when I think of 13.5 and 18.4.
Its getting late I should go to bed now as I have to get up early tomorrow.

I hear few guys partying and celebrating. I think it should be Mallya Junior, Robin and Virat.

Yeah we won IPL III edition. But still memory of 13.5 and 18.4 make me very uncomfortable. I should get some sleep before net.

Tonight I will not sleep with bat, I am angry!

Finals Score Card:
Royal Challengers Bangalore

----------------------------- Runs Balls Fours Sixes

Jack Kallis Not out ---> 85 52 12 3

Manish Pandey B Zaheer ---> 27 14 4 1

Rahul Dravid Not out ---> 115 54 16 5

Extras (lb 8, w 6) 14
Total (1 wickets; 20 overs) 241

Mumbai Indians
-----------------------------Runs Balls Fours Sixes
ST Jayasuriya lbw b Steyn ---> 2 2 0 0
SR Tendulkar* b Vinay Kumar ---> 55 25 4 3
AP Tare† c Pandey b Kallis ---> 9 10 2 0
SS Tiwary b Kumble ---> 25 21 3 0
AT Rayudu c †Boucher b Vinay Kumar ---> 3 4 0 0
DJ Bravo lbw b Vinay Kumar ---> 1 2 0 0
R Sathish c Dravid b Steyn ---> 24 22 3 0
KA Pollard c Kohli b Steyn ---> 21 19 1 1
Harbhajan Singh c Kallis b Kumar ---> 4 6 0 0
Z Khan not out ---> 23 9 3 1
Extras (lb 10, w 4) 14
Total (9 wickets; 20 overs) 181

Disclaimer: Author of this bit is a big fan of Rahul Dravid and Jack Kallis. Support RCB in IPL seasons


Keshava said...

Excellent Sir. I sometimes really wonder, how you folks can imagine and write these stuff in such an interesting manner. Neevu heLidha haage, if RCB Wins IPL 3 (Final being with 'What a Loser - Sachin's MI', nimage nan kaDe indha 1du party:-)

VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

Thanks we will see :-) It is my wonderment that what Kallis and Dravid talk when they meet in middle during T20, that lead to this comic write-up