Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My happy days of childhood

My happy days of childhood has come back again

Now I will see my kid playing all day long,
Be it sunny or rainy, just rejoicing singing a song

I love to see her flawless smile with no deception or lie
At that time, how much I wish that time does not fly by

When my daughter calls me "Appa", how much joy it will give to me
I will happily say to her, "All my soul and life belongs to thee"

playing games, going to school, learn to sing, learn to dance
Become world famous one day, of course there is every chance

My little daughter, I don't know where destiny will take you
But no matter what,your papa will always love you,

I pray to god that you have no sorrow or pain
May your each day be filled happiness my dame

My happy days of childhood has come back again


Maverick said...

Super Sripathi!!... Congrats again... :)))

Madhukar Hebbar said...

Beautiful man!!!

Atmaram said...

Good work, its like a poem of shake sphere ishtyle
I am sure she will bring lot of happiness in your life

VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

Beautiful Sripathi... Well written... Congrats again on reclaiming childhood

Gulmohar said...

Your outburst of love and commitment to stand by your daughter is more than visible maga...
Enzoy maaDi, I know how amazing it is to watch kids grow (for I have seen my brother's daughter grow for 7 yrs now)

Never miss an opportunity to see your daughter Pathy, at best, it'll be your loss!

Critic said...

Vinay, I will definitely see her, but also have to make sure that other padde hudugaru dont see her ;)