Friday, February 13, 2009


I woke up. I opened my eyes to see morning light through the window. It must be 7’o clock. It was Saturday, and my sub-conscious mind decided that the effort of waking up at 7 is not worth it. The chill winter wind was blowing from the open window. I rolled over to the other side, facing the wall and pulled the sheets on top of my head. Slowly the warmth of the sheet passed through the body, making me comfortably slip to another sleep.

Mom was cooking something in the kitchen; I could here the tinkling of the vessels and sizzling of the oil on pan. I could also hear father rattling about something not in its place. It must be around 8:30 now, breakfast is getting ready. Who cares, let me try to sleep again.

Mom is cleaning something in my room. I change sides again, pulling the sheets over my head. Mom asks me to wake up as the time is already 10:30. Wow! A cool three and half hours I could kill with the sleeping. I say ok, and try to sleep again. Mom is rattling about something she cooked and how my father didn’t like it. I try to sleep again, it’s getting from warm to hot in the sheet. I slowly roll over, get up and sit on the corner of the bed. I sat like that with no thoughts. I try to get up from the bed, but gravity doesn't allow me, I fall back on my ass. Getting up requires energy. Realisation of the day. Finally my mom shouts at me for being lazy, I take 3 deep breaths and get up on my legs. I slowly walk to bath room and the second question of the day arises in my head. Should I take a bath? Should I just brush, clean-up and have breakfast? Life is difficult and full of questions.

I sit down on the commode with the grave task of deciding to take a bath or not. I slowly start to think of the positives and negatives of the two options I have. Oops, I had dozed sitting on the commode. I clean up and decide to postpone the decision while brushing teeth. My grip on the tooth-brush loosens and I miss to hit the teeth and brush my cheeks. The foam on the brush falls on my body; I get irritated with my clumsiness. Suddenly, I start to feel un-clean and decide to take a bath. Wow! Second decision of the day automatically taken without much thought. PV Narasimha Rao was a genius who it seems told, “All decisions will be taken by time, no need to worry” or something like that. I appreciate the thought of our former prime minister.

News paper is full of crap, generally I read only the headlines and I couldn’t even move over to the fourth page of the newspaper. World is crap. I take Bangalore Times, and read all the cartoons. I skip over pages to see some Bollywood and Hollywood actresses skimpily dressed. This section of the newspaper is very entertaining. Some upcoming actress is quite philosophical about her not taking any movies, because of the low quality of movies. Its already afternoon and with great effort I move towards the couch and slowly roll over the couch.

TV, wonderful instrument for time-pass. I slowly switch channels to identify something worth watching. I stop at HBO, something looks interesting. A meteor has fallen down and some scientists are trying to do some research on it. Looks like a good movie. I skip channels, when Ads start on HBO, Nothing great anywhere and I jump back to HBO to see the movie. It is interesting actually, the meteor has some life forms and they are slowly starting to grow in the crater and some rookie scientist identifies that when he enters the crater. Ads, again. I move over to some channels and there is a good song on a Tamil channel, good song. AR Rehman, wonderful musician. Oh! “Friends” on star world; I get interested for a while seeing some acrobatics of the great friends. It is funny actually. I even watch the ads in between in fear of missing some humour. After Friends, I move back to HBO, the rookie scientist is actually a master brain, who is frustrated with the system and hence has moved to this obscure town as a chemistry teacher. In the meanwhile the organisms from the meteor are fast evolving at a threatening pace. All the government, military, research organisations get involved, but are not able to stop the growth of these organisms. America is in terror. One of the students of our rookie scientist has always failed chemistry, but he accidentally figures out that, toilet cleaning liquid can kill this organism. In the mean time, the Government, Military and top research Institutes have made a lot of blunders and the organism has become a monster as big as a mountain. Quiet scary actually. I felt sad for the state of affairs in America. Finally, the hero with his battalion of stupid students fills up a fire fighting tanker with toilet cleaning liquid and fire the liquid onto what looks like shit-hole of the terrifying monster. The monster huffs-puffs and then dies, and all Americans live happily ever after.

Quiet a fantastic movie actually. I was impressed with the creativity of the director and crew of the movie. It is 3 o’clock, and my mother shouts at me to have lunch. Ok, I have lunch and come back my couch. Slowly browse over different channels and doze of to my dream world. I wake up fresh at 6 PM, have my beautiful coffee and browse channels again. Some song and dance and I start seeing some 3 movies together. It’s actually fun and interesting when I do this. Switch channels and watch all movies together. Only parameter is all 3 movies have to be brainless and effect of watching the movies together is great entertainment. As I was watching these movies I moved from fresh to tired state of mind. It was around 9 PM and my mom asks me to have my dinner. Sometimes I think, only objective of mothers is to feed there children. Here I am, on the bed and couch, the whole day and my mother is asking me if I will have my dinner. Hmphh. I say a big no and return back to watching TV. She murmurs something to herself and walks off.

My friend calls up, with all energy asking me to come out and freak out with him. What the heck, here I am dozing away my day and this crazy guy is asking me freak out at 9 PM. I talk slowly, asking him, where to go, and should I really come? Should I really really come? Should I really really really come? He doesn’t get the clue at all. Some guys are so stupid. Nope, this guy gets the clue now, gets irritated with my laziness and cuts the call. Thank god.

I shut the TV down, slowly move over to bed and try to sleep for the day. It was a nice peaceful day.

My body, mind and soul feel rested.

-- Madhukar Hebbar


VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

after reading I started feeling sleepy :-) Ha ha ha

I used do it when I was bachelor... but evening I use to go for a really long walk to digest food I ate and in hope of getting sound sleep in the night

Atmaram said...

Its time to sleep
I hope you will limit these amazing experiences to saturdays only.
Why did you name it blank

Keshava said...

Nice Read, Mate. But, as we had a discussion during our eNNe session, it indeed appeared like a Diary, not a story. Yes, 4 sure, I went to my Bachelor days 4 a while, when I was reading this:-)!!

Gulmohar said...

More or less, it is this saturday of mine:-)
Anyways, my eyes popped out on thw word "time-pass" lol

Madhukar Hebbar said...

Blank is the state of mind under which the day unfolds. :-)

Thanks for all your comments guys.