Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ring Road Kamakshi

SG liked to play cricket. Like, probably is a under-statement, he was passionate about cricket. He liked to bowl. If general Katte cricket schedule, started from 5:30 PM and ended at 7 PM, SG would be the first on the field, with his best mate Child at 5. He would bowl continuously till the first match started around 5:45 PM. After the scheduled 2 matches were over, SG started bowling again till the sun got tired and decided to set himself. The passion of the SG was such that, he continued to bowl under the dim light available from the street. His passion can only be paralled by, Sir. M.Vishweswaraiah's passion towards learning, who because of the financial constraints, studied under street light.

For non cricket players, it is a very simple understanding that, bowling is the hard part of cricket. If somebody is ready to bowl, there would be many people queuing up to bat. In fact, there used to be fight amongst the Katte members to bat. There are also days when, batsmen used to get tired and SG used to bowl at wickets only. Yeah, I know the next question, SG had a very well built, exercise toned body. His fitness and strength is what made him follow his passion of bowling for long hours. No price for guessing, His other passion in life, was going to gymnasium and toning his body. SG was proud of his body, and one could see him checking up his biceps time and again.

Naturally, well built, health and body conscious SG was passionate about variety of carnal pleasure available in the world. SG was studying engineering, in a college in Bangalore (that is what all 12th crossed students did in Bangalore in ester years). If he was in a country like America, it was estimated that he would atleast have 2 kids by that time. But, unfortunately, he was bought up in a religious family in bangalore, and didn't have much options to follow-up his passion to check out the variety of carnal pleasures.

Gani, was highly creative and mischievous guy in the Katte gang. His creativity and mischievous nature, used to be terror amongst the decent bred people of the Katte gang. Gani had a special skill and affection towards, items, which would be called by well bred people as Gross (assayya). This love for gross items, more or less, kept the decent people away from him.

The Gods design was such, though SG and Gani can be termed as poles apart, they had a common bonding.

It was Porn.

Gani, because of his friends and connections had wide variety of porn material with him. In those days in Bangalore it was not difficult to get local Indian porn magazines, like debonair, rasika etc. But Gani was special, he had a collection of porn material from across the world. Primarily collection was from USA. Story goes that, Gani had some friends who were in America. And they were so fond of Gani that they were presenting porn material to him. Some friends, they were!.

It must be said that, most of the young adults in engineering, would have graduated from porn magazines to better stuff long time back. But SG was an exception in that case, where he enjoyed all varieties of porn stuff and took a pleasure out of it.

The trouble started when, SG borrowed some of porn magazines from Gani. Though borrowing was consistent ever vigilant mind of Gani noticed that all stuff didn't return back. The borrowing and giving back of the stuff, was done outside the realms of the Katte and the members were oblivious of this activity. Gani started asking for stuff back, but got some responses like "I have already given it back", from SG. This pissed Gani off. Point to be observed that, the stuff missing was like a spoon of water removed from the well. But, for Gani, it was more the question of ethics and principles than the stuff itself.

Gani was left in a situation, where he also didn't want to look childish in front of his esteemed Katte friends. He was supposed to be the knower of things, and not a man to reckon with petty things like cheap Porn magazine. In short, he had a reputation to save amongst the esteemed tribe. Gani, also claimed the experience of knowing lot of secret places of pleasure and also experience of having the carnal pleasure. Though, this has never been validated by anybody in Katte. But he was labelled, as knower of things.

Krishna, one of the esteemed member of Katte gang is known to be a do-gooder. He had this un-canny ability to be friends of all members of the Katte. Caste, creed, intelligence, childishness, wealth didn't matter to him. He was one of those guys who every one emotionally attached themselves with. It doesn't mean that, he cared for any one. But he allowed the people to build a sort of attachment with the niceness of Krishna. ah! the name Krishna, he was named after the legend very aptly.

Gani in the mean time, was burning with revenge in his belly. Very creative Gani, never short of ideas plotted a plan to take his revenge. But he had a problem, because of his reputation, SG wouldn't believe him. Trust is the core for execution of any plan, and Gani knew this. The first and the obvious person who came to his mind was Krishna. He shared his grief, and pain of the hurt ego with ever listener Krishna. Krishna, as ever, was always enthusiastic about activity of pulling legs and had trait of being master executioner.

He pledged his support.

Life went on, the entire Katte was oblivious of the revenge and the plot and plan.

One of those, evenings, when all the Katte members were sharing a cigarette and fighting for the last puff. Gani, started off with a story of another of his sexual experience. Typically, Gani's stories always were outside Bangalore and had very less relationship to Bangalore. Katte members always thought, this was what made his stories un-provable. Ears of all the Katte members shot up with a natural instinct to know about things. Gani started mentioning about a prostitute named Kamakshmi just in Banashankari. And her normal work area used to be the ring road near Kattriguppa. He ventured up with the whole story of how he got the contact, to the wonderful episode of his encouter with Kamakshi.

Like all of the katte episodes, all the Katte members were very eager in questioning and cross questioning Gani. Gani, a skillful story teller and conversationalist never hesitated and provided all the answers. The story, was also supported by Krishna, who had a friend who knows Kamakshi. The story, supported by 2 people, also involving do-gooder Krishna, sounded true. It was just an another day at Katte, after 1-2 peaceful smokes and talks about Gani's episodes all the Katte members went home. Only Krishna had shown the interest to convert dream to a execution and was questioning Gani on the details.

This is when, SG saw the opportunity and approached Gani and Krishna. There was an agreement that, SG, Krishna and Gani will try to have fun after 2 days. Gani was told to be near the Janata Bazar exactly at 8 PM, and Krishna and Gani will reach the same place at the same time. It was just, coincidence that all their home was in separate directions and the meeting place was a ideal point.

On the day, SG was full of vigour in his bowling. He was unplayable by the best batsmen of the Katte gang. He had a jump in his feet and was eager to do things fast. Katte members, oblivious of the plan didn't understand what has happened to SG. He didn't even practice after the match and decided to leave home early.

At home SG, dressed up like a groom, with a red shirt and nice new pants. He was with all eagerness and expectation dressed up like a model. Gave a reason of "meeting his friends" to his parents, took his scooter and reached ring road exactly t 7:45 PM. Ring road during those days, was scarcely populated area. Every women who happened to be traveling looked like Kamakshi to him. He waited till, 8:30 PM with all eagerness and anxiety. Neither Krishna nor Gani turned up. He started getting worried and called up Krishna's house from a pay phone. Krishna's sister picked up the phone and told him that, Krishna had already left at 7:45 PM.

SG got a little confidence and waited more in the ring road, obviously looking around for Kamakshi. (SG unfortunately didn't have the number of Gani's house.) He waited for more time, and called up Krishna's house again with the same result. The emotional balance of SG was shaken such that, he more or less had broken down to the level of crying. It was around 9:30 PM and SG called up Krishna's house again.

This time Krishna picket up the phone and told SG about the hoax. It seems the last words heard were, "Its ok Krishna uh its ok, it is only because uh you told I had come here, I wouldn't have trusted Gani... uh! uh!"

The story was told by Gani to the Katte in the full pomp and glamor and it was worth a 1000 rupees ticket as members watched SG's face as he entered Katte.

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are real and can have relationship with one and all. They can be found in any Katte, any gang, across this world.

-- Madhukar Hebbar


Madhukar Hebbar said...

Please do not use any real names while commenting. Thanks.

VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

Good going Hebbar... Nice narration... here and there there are spelling corrects required though...

Sudhakar said...

ohhh Guys,

what i am laughing here at client plce..ooopssss.amazing cant control my laugh

nice Hebbar

Critic said...

Famous katte episode revealed. LOL
Sankru, remember in one of my post, you asked me to reveal the story in detail. This is the same story..

Keshava said...

:-):-)Sooper Maga, yah it makes sense not to disclose the names, otherwise some people will feel offended:-). I really admire the character of Gani. Avanu, Manassinalli enu andhkonDirthaano, adhanna saadhise saadhisthaane!! One hell of a Manay haaLa:-)!!

Ananda Teertha said...

beutiful maga. will never forget this article, Gani would be a happy man 2day.
what a crdntn b/w gani and krishna. team work pays.
a perfect fiction flick.......
gr8 hebbav

Madhukar Hebbar said...

thanks for all your comments everybody.. keeps me motivated..

have done spelling corrects... still have to put more effort to explain things I think... will keep walking :-)

Gulmohar said...

This sure would have been awesome fun. I know the incident but can recall only the Being behind Krishna:-) THE mane haaLa!
Yi bere puNyaatmaru yaaru anta swalpa gyapisi pls (I think I miss only on the victim - SG, I can guess for sure who the other gentleman is:-)