Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Attrition Explained!

Attrition Explained!

Guru was in deep meditation.

Shisya hesitated a little to disturb him. But Shisya was troubled by the eternally bothering on the  subject called 'Attrition'. He was not able to understand an iota of reasons behind attrition.

He knew Guru very well. He kept a big bottle of rum and pack of cigarette as an offering to Guru. Then in a whisper he tried to awaken the Guru. But Guru opened his eyes even before that, by smell of rum and cigarette, which he could sense from a mile.

He opened a rum bottle sipped a bit, then lighted a cigarette. Peacefully looked at shisya and that encouraged shisya to open up.

He asked Guru "Guruji, now a day I hear lot of attrition, especially in IT and BPO. Could you be kind enough to explain me in layman terms?"

Guru was more than kind enough that day and was in good spirit.

He said " Shisya, employee moving out of company is called employee attrition. And there are mainly two reason for attrition. One, employee leaves the company after knowing worth of the company and two, when company kicks employee out after knowing true-worth of an employee!!!"

Shisya never-ever had a question or confusion on attrition after that!


Madhukar Hebbar said...

woho! Guru-Shishya series.

Guru has to be in good spirits after consuming, spiritisers of this world. :-)

Atmaram said...

good one VSS
Attrition understood