Sunday, August 15, 2010

Retold, Recycled and new Raju Jokes

Raju Ban gaya Gentleman!
Raju was selected as style icon of the year! Big party was thrown by his friends to celebrate. Dress code was black tie. Raju to drive home a point, wore a sleek Italian designer black tie for the occasion. When he arrived at party to his amazement others were wearing pants and shirts too!

Soft an Hard of it
Accidentally Raju bumps into hot, young lady in hotel. After collision he poetically apologies saying "you would forgive if your heart is as soft as your bosom!" To which she coolly replied " If your tool is as hard as your elbow I am at room number 209!"

Raju as a IT Project Manger!
Raju Raju!
Yes Baba
How is project?
Its Green Baba!
Telling lies ?
God promise no Baba!
Open your PSR!
Ha Ha Haa!
*PSR = Project Status Report

Romantic Raju!
Raju grew to be 70 year old but his romantic heart was never older than 18years. Thanks to Viagra he enjoyed good life.
Recently heard when he died of overdose of Viagra , they had difficulty in closing the coffin box!

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