Thursday, April 9, 2009

I miss Mr. Bush

Today’s R K Laxman cartoon in Times of India (View Cartoon) followed by a coffee time discussion in office reminded me of impact of Mr. George W. Bush not being the president of USA any more. It has been around 4-5 months (I don’t care how long actually, so please do not try to correct me) since Obama has become the president of USA. Only thing we heard during the campaign trail of Obama was, “he is going to change something”. He is still running around the world, showing his face and smile in every news channel, news paper and telling about “Coming Change”. Has he made the impact of Bush? Don’t know what others think, but for me he has been a total disaster.

I realised today, generally I used to take about 25-30 Mins to browse through the news paper before Obama times. Typically I read only the headlines, and if some headline seems interesting, I read the article. Last 3-4 months, it takes just 15-20 minutes for me to read the news paper. If I have to drill down into my memory and see what was special before, it is all the interesting entertaining news which Mr. Bush used to create. Be it somebody “hurling a shoes” at him or “his use words of communicate something”, all made a very entertaining read, and much needed laugh to start the day with. The recent incident of a Journalist in Punjab hurling shoes at Mr. Chidambaram didn't have the same charm as Bush. Mr. Chidambaram was all political and diplomatic, killing the fun element in the whole scenario. Whereas the way Mr. Bush ducked the shoe-missile and commented later about the size of the shoe being 8, is the mark of great entertainer.

Mr. Bush had been providing us with the much needed entertainment in various forms, News paper articles about him, his speech, his meeting with a statesman of different country, etc. etc. Everything he did and everything he told was entertainment. Mr. Jug Suraiya one of the journalist in the Times of India (TOI) group even created a cartoon name Dubyaman, with Mr. Bush as a super-hero. (I think mostly these cartoons were not so funny, sheer presence of Mr. Bush made it readable.) I have read some of Mr. Jug’s other articles in TOI; it has always been a pain reading those. I must confess, I haven’t fully read even one of his articles. I would typically skip to another article just after reading first few lines of his articles.

Other than the newspapers, Mr. Bush has been the subject of numerous amounts of forward emails. For the individuals, whose aim in life is to send forward emails, it must be very depressing to not find enough subjects. I have a feeling that, the “Good luck emails” (The emails which are supposed to be forwarded to more people to bring good luck) have increased considerably after Mr. Bush has lost the presidency. This has basically stolen me of the mid-day fun seeing these emails. A complete statistical analysis on the forward emails probably will throw more light on this subject. (I am game to do the analysis, but obviously somebody has to be generous to give me the research grant)

Mr. Bush though branded by media and people in general as a bad man, stupid person, etc. never cared. Probably he was following his Dharma of entertaining people without giving much importance to what people talked about him. I guess he must have been one of those great souls, who followed the great philosophy (from Bhagavad-Gita). I rate Mr. Bush, very next to one Mr. Charles Chaplin with respect to entertaining the public, and bringing smiles to peoples face. Probably Mr. Bush would have touched more hearts than Mr. Charles Chaplin. Another area for research, Institutions and organisations have to come forward to invest in research on these subjects. I believe, the output of the research will help improve the mental health of people of the world.

Mr. Bush, if you ever read this piece, I miss your smiling face on the television. I miss your charm and talk when dealing with the gravest problems facing the world. You do not have to be president to entertain. Please take world tours, and you will be on media again. I guess this is what all the retired presidents do, why are you not doing this? I hope to see you back again in media. Thanks for all the entertainment.

I being a pessimist started thinking, what happens if Mr. Bush never comes back in prominence in media. Will the world continue like it is now? Will I go into depression? Who else can save the world? Tunnnnnn… The bell rang in my head, and a name came to my mind.

Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Last 5 years, Mr. Lalu has subdued himself and has been staying out of the spotlight, as he wants to be Prime Minister of India one day. God knows, why he got this idea, it was probably because of all the negative publicity against him in the media (I get a feeling Mr. Bush never cared for all the negative publicity against him). Though, because of the great character he cannot miss being in spotlight once in a while. Nevertheless, his presence in media had decreased considerably over last 5 years, decreasing the importance of Indian politics in the media. A man, who can make most boring, recital of financial numbers, “Budget Speech”, entertaining, has to be respected for his humongous skills. I am sure; Mr. Lalu will get back his charm once he becomes a Primer Minister.

What we can do at this point in time, is to help Mr.Lalu become Prime Minister. My sincere request to all the readers is, NOT to vote for BJP or Congress, and to vote for any other candidate from any other party. Mr. Lalu has a chance to become PM this way. In this grave situation facing the world, people of India have a huge responsibility of saving the world from depression. Please use your “precious vote” towards saving the world.

-- Madhukar Hebbar


VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

Interesting and good humor but it would be good if you quoted some of famous Bushism

Critic said...

I know this article means humor. But I miss Bush for another reason. For his famous sayings such as "Axis of evil", "War on terror", "Weapons of mass destructions" etc :-). But honestly, I feel that he did certain things to control the taleban movement upraising. Iraq might have been an error, but Afghanistan was just right is my gut feel. Maybe Obama needs more time to turn around things. Btw, do you guys know that Obama has said that US will not be using term "war on terror" anymore :-).