Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Walk the Talk

From the age old times of the human evolution, people have expected that life would be beautiful if all people Walk-the-Talk. People always believed that, life would be easy and neat when “everybody thinks before talking” and “act as they have talked”.

Is this a fact? Will our life be beautiful if everyone Walks-the-Talk?

As I was thinking, I realised that life would be chaos if everybody started walking the talk. 10-15% of the people will go out of jobs and the world will end up in a big depression if everyone walks-the-talk. This depression is nothing to do with economic or financial but all to do with psychological aspects of people.

The first breed of individuals whom people expect to Walk-the-Talk is Politicians. Fortunately enough, this breed never do what they talk and have been the key factor in maintaining the sanity of the world. One can imagine, what will happen to the whole set of news channels, national news papers, state news papers, city news papers, street news papers etc. etc. etc. if politicians started to Walk-the-Talk. All these people working in these industries will go out of job for the very simple reason that, they do not have anything to publish.

Most of these news communicators are typically filled with very entertaining stories about “how politicians didn’t think before talking?” or “how politicians didn’t act as they talked”. If politicians do not provide an opportunity for this scenario, the much needed entertainment for the viewers and readers will be lost, and hence will loose there purpose of existence. Can you see the catastrophe of thousands of employed people loosing there jobs? Worst, can you see the catastrophe of you loosing your much needed share of entertainment?

For example, If we think of a scenario where Politicians say “There will be equality among all human beings”, “Everybody will get jobs”, “Poverty will be erased”, and they actually strive towards achieving this, worst, lets assume they actually achieve it. What will the news paper report on? What will the TV news channels show? Even if they show all these wonderful people, trying to achieve what they have talked about, will you watch? Will it be entertaining enough? One can contradict the above the statement by saying this hypothetical scenario and we might watch or read about all these wonderful things Politicians are doing.

The best example of the breed that Walks-the-Talk in today’s world is business men. It is not that these are great people, but if they do not Walk-the-Talk, they will be kicked by hundreds and thousands of investors. Hence, these guys cannot be careless and need to Walk-the-Talk. How many TV Channels, news papers are present to depict the business world? Handful, right? Even if somebody consumes this material, that will be from a sole purpose of knowledge rather than entertainment. Do you want to have such an impact on all the politics related news?

I wonder, if the politicians really start Walking-the-Talk, what would happen to us general people? What would we discuss with mates during tea breaks? One can imagine mates in office having coffee/tea with blank minds and faces. There would be nothing left for the friends to talk in the pubs. Can we discuss on the efficiency of the politicians and the good things happening around? NO! No! no! I would prefer dying of boredom instead of discussing about efficiencies and smartness of politicians.

What will barbers talk about? Hair-cutting exercise which has been made refreshing by the energetic chit-chat of the barbers would tragically move towards boring exercise. In fact, my prediction is people will stop visiting hair cutting saloons to escape from the boredom of the exercise and will start looking like pre-historic people.

Celebrity lifestyle is the second biggest source of entertainment in this world. I can’t imagine the scenario if Paris Hilton and Britney Spears decide to marry somebody, go ahead with the plans, have kids, and live happily ever after. This would be a disaster for the whole entertainment industry, right? Who would call such a story as entertainment? My prediction is people will not even care for Celebrity works, if they started to Walk-the-Talk. If Sharukh-Salman don’t fight in public for Katrina, Would you watch their movies? I believe brand value of the Indian cricket team would go down, if Harbajan Singh starts to act like sane Walk-the-Talk individual. The whole entertainment industry will crash, as the basic purpose of entertainment of the individuals will not be met.

I hope the reader realises the gravity of the problem, if everybody starts to Walk-the-Talk. We are in grave danger of loosing entertainment and loosing stuff to talk about if every one tries to Walk-the-Talk.

One might think that these are external factors and we will find different sources of entertainment in the eventuality of everybody Walking-the-Talk. Let us try to, get into our house and our lives, to understand the impacts.

Imagine the scenario when, all the members of your work-team Walk-the-Talk. People with shorter view of life might say such a thing would be fantastic for work life. But I think the impacts are hugely negative, this actually means that I need to do work. I can’t go for long tea breaks discussing about the stupidity of my manager. I can’t give reasons for my failure to meet the deadline. I can’t miss deadlines. I can’t blame team mates for my failures. I can’t blame my manager for my failures. Life is going to be hard battle, and life would suck if this actually happens.

If this is the scenario in office, life and relationships are going to loose all the masala if everybody starts Walking-the-Talk. I can’t even imagine how boring it would be, if all my friends reach the party on-time. More so, if everybody starts walking-the-talk and life of all our mates is the bed of flowers, what the hell will we talk when we meet? Why the hell do we need friends anyway? We wouldn’t have an opportunity to bitch around anything and anybody if everybody Walks-the-Talk. Can you imagine the impacts when you say “I wont be able to meet you today, as I am having beer with my friends and we all are enjoying it.” to your girl friend?

I hope reader, understands the importance of people not Walking-the-Talk. We cannot compromise on our share of entertainment. From the bottom of my heart I request the readers not to expect people to Walk-the-Talk so that the life continues with full entertainment.

by Madhukar Hebbar


Shetty said...

Getting really out of the box, are we??

VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

Good one! Situation is really serious! :-)

Madhukar Hebbar said...

ooops I intended this to be funny. Not many people reacted that way I guess :-(

Would help me if people give there perspectives on why it is not funny.


Gulmohar said...

Yup! thats what I guessed - this is supposed to be funny and then read the first two comments - surprised. However, your reply clears them all.

Hebbav, it does carry the tinge of seriousness solely due to the lack of humor! Your assertion of "Right?" attempts an yet another time, everytime to make it look real. It is quite formal too (words like reader understands)

If you rewrite this as we just "talk" it would turn into what you wanted!

Atmaram said...

If you wanted it to be funny, i think you should have quoted some examples real life examples.
Good one but not funny

VidyaShankar Harapanahalli said...

your label says it all.. It is satire not humor

Madhukar Hebbar said...

thanks for all your comments.. After much thought and seeing your comments I am still not very clear..

I think Improbability factor of the subject was less, hence the Satire didn't have much effect.